The Synopsis

The interstellar transport ship KRONA-C17 is commandeered by an energy life form.

The sole survivor, LT. KENALI TAL escapes to a nearby planet composed of a 99.999% toxic atmosphere.

Within a mile wide oxygen based safe zone called “the Rim” lives the humanoid life form named ROGO and a four-legged creature known as THE HOOTEN.

Destined to become allies against the impending threat, Kenali Tal, Rogo & the Hooten begin the adventure of their lifetime.

How will Kenali survive? Will she?

Welcome to Rogo's Rim.

All 3D work on this site is owned by Jason Sims - Copyright 2014

This page feature the original concept art featuring live action and animated characters.
Since this time the project has shifted to a full animation production.